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What Is a Super Fund?

Top of FormA superannuation fund, or super fund, acts as a financial safety net designed to help you save and invest for your future retirement. These funds grow over time by investing in stocks, bonds, and property, with the added bonus of tax benefits and the option to add extra money whenever possible.

Many people use their super fund to cover dental surgery costs for themselves or their families. The super fund offers an excellent option for unexpected expenses, providing relief during tough times. In a world where life’s demands can be financially overwhelming, tapping into your super funds provides a means to manage costs effectively, allowing you to navigate difficult circumstances and move forward.

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How Do I Use My Super Fund?

Using your super fund to cover dental costs involves applying for the Early Release of Superannuation (ERS) through the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). You must first assess your eligibility by aligning with the ATO’s criteria, typically indicating severe financial hardship or compassionate grounds. Following eligibility confirmation, gather essential documentation, including a treatment urgency letter from our dental team and relevant medical reports.

Complete and submit the ERS form on the ATO website with accurate details and supporting documents. Once submitted, you will wait for approval from the ATO, after which your super fund will process the payment directly to you or our team, as per our arrangements. Once we receive payment, we can begin with treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Superfund

Using Your Super For Dental Implants


Who Benefits from This Payment Option?

Utilising the super fund for dental procedures benefits those without relevant or sufficient private health insurance, providing a financial safety net for necessary treatments. It mainly aids individuals who lack access to adequate funds or face financial constraints, offering a viable solution to address dental care needs. Patients with family members who have superannuation funds can also benefit, as they may be eligible for early release to cover their own or their family's dental expenses.


Can I Use My Super Fund for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are recognised as a qualifying procedure for super fund funding under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993, with FoX Implant Centres's implants meeting the criteria. This process is facilitated by partnering with industry leader SuperCare, streamlining the application and approval process for patients seeking to use their super funds for dental implant procedures. With SuperCare's expertise and FoX Implant Centres's recognised quality, patients can confidently explore this financing option for their dental implant needs.

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