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We empathize with the common fears and anxieties that many individuals associate with dentistry, and our commitment is to transform that experience into one that is comfortableseamless, and relaxing through the incorporation of sedation dentistry. Recognizing the importance of overcoming dental apprehensions, we prioritize using dental anesthesia to create a soothing environment where you can feel at ease.

By offering in-house sedation dentistry, FoX Implant Centres stands as the only facility in Australia that can provide end-to-end care under one roof. Our skilled professionals are trained to administer general anesthesia, tailoring the approach to your needs and preferences. By offering this type of sedation dentistry, we aim to make dental visits a calming and enjoyable experience, ultimately promoting better oral health without the burden of anxiety.

What Is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is a type of sedation dentistry that induces patients into a sleeplike state to achieve a complete loss of consciousness, rendering them unconscious and unaware during surgical or medical procedures. This profound state of sedation dentistry is typically administered through intravenous medication or inhaled gases, putting you in a sleep-like condition. The primary goal of general anesthesia is to ensure your comfort and safety by eliminating any pain sensation and creating a controlled environment for medical interventions.

This type of dental anesthesia is beneficial in various surgical scenarios, allowing our team to perform complex and invasive procedures with precision while you remain asleep and comfortable. Sedation dentistry options like general anesthesia contribute to a smoother patient experience by preventing anxiety, movement, and discomfort, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness and success of medical interventions.

The Benefits of General Anesthesia

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Redefining the Dental Experience

Offering sedation dentistry services extends beyond the want to provide a comfortable experience. We carry a general anesthesia license, which empowers our team to administer general anesthesia directly in the office, facilitating the seamless performance of on-site surgeries. This not only enhances the convenience for you and our team but also eliminates the need for you to seek surgical procedures elsewhere, bypassing trips to the hospital. Essentially, FoX Implant Centres transforms into a self-contained medical facility, resembling a small hospital, capable of handling a comprehensive range of procedures within our premises that no other facility in Australia can provide.

This unique capability of providing on-site dental anesthesia services, which is included in the final cost of dental implant procedures, sets us apart. Not many dental offices are licensed to offer such in-house services. With the direct employment of Registered Nurses, Dr. Nick Trevlopoulos and our team ensure a qualified and dedicated team to administer our sedation dentistry services. This license not only streamlines the patient experience but also allows for efficient capacity management, enabling Dr. Nick and our team to promptly tend to eligible patients, particularly those needing dental implants, by expediting the screening and treatment process.

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