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How Anatomy, Health, and Goals Shape Your Dental Implant Experience

Our dental implant placement and restoration treatment require time and varying durations based on individual cases. Factors such as sufficient bone or the need for tooth extraction contribute to a timeline ranging from five months to one year or more for completion. Unfortunately, these timeframes are influenced by the body’s natural healing process.

Recognising the potential confusion surrounding the procedure, it’s crucial to note that your specific treatment timeline may vary, influenced by anatomy, overall health, and treatment objectives. Throughout the implant process, we are dedicated to keeping you well-informed at every stage.

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Our Dental Implant Treatment Protocol


Conversations & Consultations

As with every procedure, we begin with a consultation. This consultation is where we prioritise understanding your dental concerns, smile goals, and treatment expectations. This comprehensive session includes discussions about your dental problems and smile goals and a thorough examination. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we capture digital impressions, ensuring precision in every aspect of your oral arch.

With the information gathered at this consultation, we’ll develop a personalised treatment plan tailored to your specific oral health requirements. This plan considers skin tone, facial structure, lip line, and gum line, ensuring a snug fit and a naturally appealing smile that seamlessly aligns with your lifestyle.


The Procedure

We administer general anesthesia on the day of your dental implant surgery, ensuring your comfort and relaxation. Employing our innovative Fixed-on-X® (FoX) implant protocol, the procedure involves creating small incisions in your jawbone and strategically positioning 4-8 dental implants at a 45-degree angle for optimal stability.

Once your dental implants are placed, we attach an abutment to the implants and install a temporary prosthesis on top. This provisional restoration lets you immediately experience the benefits of your new smile while your mouth undergoes the essential healing process.


Healing & Final Restoration

Over the next 4-6 months, your mouth undergoes the healing process known as Osseointegration, during which your implants seamlessly fuse with your jawbone. Once your jaw achieves permanent fusion, we place your final restoration—a design intricately crafted to complement your facial features and align with your lifestyle.

With this final restoration, worries about teeth slipping, concealing your smile, or adhering to a restricted diet are eliminated. The enduring result ensures decades of reliable daily use, showcasing bright and gorgeous smiles that withstand the test of time.

My Medical Conditions Caused My Teeth to Weaken...

Bill - Full Mouth Dental Implants

My Medical Conditions Caused My Teeth to Weaken...

Bill - Full Mouth Dental Implants

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