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Struggling with dental health issues can feel like a never-ending battle, affecting your ability to savor your favorite foods and leaving you self-conscious about your smile. From difficulty biting and chewing to feeling insecure in social and professional situations, missing teeth can affect your confidence and self-esteem.

Dental implants offer a life-changing solution, restoring functionality and aesthetics. With expert guidance and advanced procedures, reclaiming your confidence and enjoying life to the fullest is within reach!

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The Precise Engineering of Hand-Crafted Teeth


Step 1: Diagnostics & 3D Smile Design

During your consultation, our priority is identifying how your teeth impact your life and your aspirations for improvement through dental implants. Through comprehensive examinations and advanced imaging techniques, we lay the groundwork for precise planning of your procedure, ensuring optimal results. With the integration of advanced technology, such as 3D Smile Design, we collaborate to identify and create the aesthetic smile outcomes you desire, ensuring confidence in every phase of your treatment journey.

This advanced tool lets us visualise and customise various aesthetic outcomes, ensuring your input is integrated into the design process. Our team collaborates closely with you to fine-tune every aspect of your smile, from tooth shape and alignment to color and proportions. 3D Smile Design guarantees a personalised and satisfying result that reflects your unique preferences and enhances your confidence.


Step 2: Precision Planning & Real Time Adjustments

Once we’ve created a treatment plan for your new smile, we’ll use our digital design software to develop tailored solutions for every stage of your treatment. From the pre-operative phase, where we meticulously plan and design treatment strategies, to the peri-operative stage, where we refine and adjust plans in real time, digital design plays a pivotal role.

Even in the post-operative phase, we continue to utilise CAD software to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments, ensuring optimal healing and long-term success. With this innovative approach, we prioritise precision and efficiency, delivering exceptional care at every step of your treatment process.


Step 3: Custom-Made Temporary Prosthesis

Following your implant surgery, we prepare temporary teeth and titanium bars in advance through our printing and milling processes. These meticulously crafted prostheses (teeth) and bars are tailored to your unique specifications and are ready for insertion the day after surgery. By leveraging advanced printing and milling technologies, we expedite the healing process and facilitate your transition to a fully restored smile with precision and efficiency.


Step 4: Precise Engineering of Your Titanium Bar

Over the next 4-6 months, your mouth will heal through osseointegration. While your mouth heals, we’ll custom-mill your permanent titanium bars for your final set of teeth.


Step 5: Wax Try-In Prosthesis

While your mouth heals, we will see you in-house for a follow-up appointment to conduct a customised wax try-in prosthesis to assess articulation, occlusion, and aesthetic details. Your input and feedback are invaluable as we strive for perfection in our final results.


Step 6: Crafting Your Final Prosthetic Solutions

After your wax try-in appointment, we analyse the results to ensure we create your final prosthesis to adhere to your smile specifications. Using advanced technology and your feedback, we craft either an injection-molded, high-impact resin permanent prosthesis or a milled zirconia permanent prosthesis.

These prostheses are tailored to your unique specifications, providing durability and aesthetic appeal to ensure that your final prosthesis integrates into your oral health and enhances your quality of life.

I Was Terrified of Dentists and Living in Pain...

Gabby - Full Mouth Dental Implants

I Was Terrified of Dentists and Living in Pain...

Gabby - Full Mouth Dental Implants

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