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Gabby's Story

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

When exploring options for replacing missing or compromised teeth, dental implants consistently stand out as the preferred choice, boasting an impressive 99% success rate when performed by our experienced implant dentists at FoX Implant Centres. The common question often revolves around who qualifies as an ideal candidate for dental implants.

Candidates for dental implants should maintain good oral and overall health to optimise outcomes. Age is not a barrier; even older adults facing systemic health challenges and extended healing periods can benefit from dental implants. Similarly, individuals who smoke or have active periodontal disease can still be candidates, with a crucial emphasis on addressing smoking cessation and treating gum disease before undergoing dental implant surgery to ensure a successful outcome.

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Exceptional Precision and High-Quality Results

Choosing dental implants for tooth replacement is a significant step that requires careful consideration. Prioritising knowledge, skill, and experience are crucial to minimise potential complications and ensure a lasting, restored smile.

Our dental team at FoX Implant Centres stands out as a rare gem in the field, dedicated to crafting smiles with the highest quality materials and placing them with exceptional precision. What further sets us apart is our commitment to making these top-tier solutions accessible within your budget, making a radiant and enduring smile achievable for all.

Factors Considered for Implant Candidacy

In your initial consultation, our team will conduct a comprehensive oral examination and delve into your oral and overall health. We will discuss crucial details such as your medical history, current medications, and lifestyle choices, as these factors play a vital role in evaluating your eligibility for dental implants.


Gum Health

Inadequate oral hygiene can trigger a series of escalating issues, beginning with the formation of bacterial plaque, advancing to gingivitis, and, in severe cases, potentially evolving into periodontitis. Within these concerns, peri-implantitis emerges as a significant threat, targeting the soft tissue surrounding dental implants with aggressiveness.

If left untreated, peri-implantitis has the potential to cause the loss of supporting bone, ultimately resulting in implant failure. Therefore, it is imperative to address gum disease concerns proactively before considering dental implants.


Bone Volume

Dental implants' success relies heavily on the strength of the underlying bone structure. However, insufficient bone volume or diminished quality should not discourage potential dental implant candidates.

For patients facing substantial bone loss, we provide advanced implant solutions that eliminate the necessity for traditional bone grafting procedures. Our goal is to offer alternatives and augmentation procedures that restore and enhance bone quality, ensuring a viable option for those seeking dental implant treatments.

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Systemic Conditions

Uncontrolled health conditions, such as hyperglycemia and diabetes, can impact the integration of dental implants with the underlying bone, potentially affecting the overall success of the procedure. These conditions may compromise the vascularisation of the surgical flap, heightening the risks of soft tissue infection and delaying wound healing.

Autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus may contribute to chronic inflammation, weaken the immune response, and increase the likelihood of implant failure. Following a thorough assessment, our team will create a personalised treatment plan to enhance the chances of a successful outcome and determine your eligibility as a dental implant candidate.


Physical Health

Smoking poses a significant challenge to implant fusion, reducing blood flow and hindering wound healing by introducing residues that inhibit cell growth in soft and hard tissues. At FoX Implant Centres, we strongly recommend individuals considering dental implants quit smoking at least one month before surgery and maintain abstinence for two months post-surgery to mitigate these risks.

Malnutrition and eating disorders can impact implant outcomes by influencing proper bone health. Patients with osteoporosis may experience a decrease in bone density, and prolonged use of bisphosphonates could lead to a severe bone condition known as osteonecrosis of the jaw. To address these considerations, our team may implement additional precautions and customised measures to ensure your treatment's success and eligibility as a dental implant candidate.

Put Your Smile in Capable Hands

When you choose FoX Implant Centres for dental implants, expect personalised solutions that address your oral health, overall well-being, and financial preferences. Our experienced team is skilled in assisting individuals, even those previously disqualified due to pre-existing conditions or significant bone loss, in becoming eligible candidates for dental implants. Rest assured that your smile is in capable hands with our professional team when you opt for dental implants.

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I Neglected My Teeth Since the 1960s...

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