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Bill's Story

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What Is The Fixed-On-X System?

The Fixed-on-X (FoX) dental implant system is our customised approach to full mouth dental implant treatment. By offering unparalleled stability, optimal function, and lifelike aesthetics, this system allows for placing dental implants quickly, often within a day or even an hour, meaning you will never have to be without teeth.

Traditionally, tooth replacement involves multiple surgeries stretched over months, but our FoX Dental Implant System integrates world-class technology to expedite the process. As a leader in implant dentistry, FoX Implant Centres is proud to offer this innovative solution coupled with competitive financing options to transform tooth replacement across Australia.

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Addressing the Burning Questions Behind the Process of Full Arch Dental Implants

The FoX Implant System Advantage

FoX Implant System Delivers Personalised Solutions

Unlike most implant systems’ standard approaches, where templated treatments often fall short of meeting patients’ diverse needs and objectives, our advanced system provides fully tailored solutions, ensuring you receive personalised care in every phase. With the FoX Implant System, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. As distributors for implants Australia-wide, we prioritise your unique smile aspirations and oral health goals, crafting a treatment plan that perfectly aligns with your individual needs. Our FoX Implant System offers flexibility and customisation, allowing us to accommodate your specific situation and preferences.

We understand that financial considerations are significant. That’s why we offer third-party financing options, inclusive pricing with general anesthesia services, and allow you to use your super fund, ensuring our highly effective solutions remain affordable without compromising quality or customisation. With the FoX Implant System, you can rest assured that your dental treatment will be tailored precisely to you, delivering the results you desire and deserve.

Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants?

Hand-Crafted Smiles Made On-Site

At FoX Implant Centres, we go beyond the standard approach of modifying existing dentures on the day of surgery. Instead, we focus on delivering fully custom and precision-crafted temporary teeth, ensuring you leave our office with beautiful, functional teeth. Our process begins with a 3D Smile Design. This fully digital process allows us to build your new smile from scratch in our in-house lab, ensuring precise adjustments and a faster turnaround time. Utilising innovative CAD software, we meticulously plan and adjust treatment strategies, providing exceptional care at every stage, from pre-operative planning to post-operative monitoring.

Following implant surgery, we prepare meticulously crafted temporary teeth and titanium bars tailored to your unique specifications using advanced printing and milling processes. These prostheses are ready for insertion the day after surgery, expediting the healing process and ensuring a precise and efficient transition to a fully restored smile. We’ll conduct a custom wax try-in prosthesis during the healing period, ensuring precise articulation and aesthetics. Analysing the results, we craft your final prosthesis, incorporating advanced technology and your feedback for optimal results.

By eliminating outside lab technicians and fees, we maintain a significantly higher level of quality while keeping our costs competitive. Our comprehensive and technologically advanced approach ensures that every aspect of your treatment is tailored to your specifications, optimising outcomes and integrating seamlessly into your smile and overall oral health.

Our Full Mouth Dental Implant Protocol


Your dental transformation starts with a comprehensive consultation tailored to your unique needs. During this initial session, we’ll engage in a detailed discussion, addressing your specific dental concerns and understanding your smile aspirations. Our team will conduct a thorough examination, leveraging advanced digital diagnostics to capture precise details of your oral anatomy.

With this information, we’ll craft a personalised treatment plan, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your smile goals, considers factors like lip and gum lines, emphasizes facial symmetry, and integrates with your distinctive skin tone.

The Fixed-on-X Procedure

Your transformed smile involves prioritizing your comfort from the very beginning. Before the procedure, we’ll administer general anesthesia, ensuring you experience complete relaxation. We’ll make small incisions in your jawbone and strategically place 4-6 dental implants at a 45-degree angle to ensure optimal precision.

Once your implants are placed, an abutment connector will be attached, and your temporary restoration will be placed. With this immediate load solution of same-day or within-24-hour restoration placement, you can enjoy the benefits of your new smile immediately.

Healing & Final Restoration

Over the next 4-6 months, your mouth will heal through osseointegration. This intricate process involves the seamless fusion of your dental implants with the jawbone, establishing a foundation of strength and durability. Once your mouth has healed, we will place your customised, hand-crafted final restoration. With consistent care and regular dental visits, these implants will stand the test of time, offering you a confident smile that can last a lifetime.

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I Was Terrified of Dentists and Living in Pain...

Gabby - Full Mouth Dental Implants

I was Terrified of Dentists and Living in Pain...

Gabby - Full Mouth Dental Implants

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