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At FoX Implant Centres, we pride ourselves on crafting smiles beyond aesthetics to seamlessly align with your facial symmetry, lifestyle, and financial considerations. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful, and functional smile without the burden of breaking the bank.

Our commitment to accessibility means we work closely with you to design a personalised treatment plan that enhances oral health and appearance and fits comfortably within your budget. We understand that a radiant smile should be attainable for everyone, and we are dedicated to making this belief a reality through our thoughtful and budget-friendly smile design approach.

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Financing Options Designed Just for You

Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards

We prioritise convenience and flexibility in payment options. We gladly accept various forms of payment, including cash, checks, and credit cards, to accommodate your preferred method. Whether you like the simplicity of cash transactions, the traditional approach of writing a check, or the ease of using credit cards, we aim to make the payment process seamless. Our commitment to diverse payment options reflects our dedication to ensuring your experience with us is comfortable and hassle-free.

Total Lifestyle Credit

Total Lifestyle Credit (TLC) dental financing offers a seamless solution to the financial challenges associated with dental treatments. To ensure that accessing funds for dental needs is hassle-free, TLC provides dental loans ranging from $2,001 to $50,000. The experienced TLC staff is dedicated to understanding your unique financial requirements and guiding you through the process to make informed decisions. Whether achieving perfect teeth with cosmetic treatments or covering urgent dental surgeries and treatment costs, TLC’s hassle-free application process ensures that funding is accessible within 24-48 hours, giving you a reason to smile throughout your affordable dental journey. Visit for more information.


Humm dental financing offers our patients a flexible and convenient payment solution, making affordable dental care more accessible. With Humm, you can spread your dental expenses into manageable and interest-free installment plans. This affordable dental financing option allows you to choose repayment periods that align with your budget and financial preferences. Humm’s user-friendly platform and quick approval process ensure a seamless experience, empowering you to prioritise your oral health without compromising financial convenience.


Using your Superfund, you can allocate a portion of your contributions toward dental financing, ensuring you have a dedicated fund for medical expenses. This allows you to proactively manage your oral health by using the readily available funds from your Superfund to cover dental procedures and treatments.


With the flexibility of Superfund contributions, you can strategically plan and budget for routine check-ups, preventive care, or even more extensive dental work. Leveraging your Superfund as an affordable dental financing option provides a convenient and accessible means to prioritise your dental health within the framework of your 401k/employer contribution program.

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